First Post

But I don’t have anything really special to say for my first post!


10 Responses

  1. Aw, come on! That was a really nice/special first post. Your standards are too low.

  2. Make that ‘too high’. I hate it when I make mistakes.

  3. I debated whether to put in the “or is that #1” (or even the “I’m #2”). I wasn’t sure if people would get the joke if I left it just I’m #2, and I wasn’t sure people would assume I was categorizing myself as #1 if I said nothing

  4. Hooray! A blog from the rubester. This is gonna be good …

    I’d say take out the explanation. One of the more entertaining aspects of blogging is watching people choke on their own lack of humor. Trust me, if you leave that up sans explanation, someone will come along and correct you soon enough.

    I really am jazzed you’re online, dude. The world needs your wit. Plus, it’s another incoming link for me! (Thanks!)

  5. But yet you have 4 – now 5 comments!

  6. Reuben’s out to set a record for content-to-comments ratio. It’s like fishes and loaves!

    I’m out to set a record too — but in the opposite direction … :-)

  7. And I’ll add to the comment count… Looking forward to reading more content as well!

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