Radar Rat Race

Due to popular demand, here is the picture of me playing Radar Rat Race. Given that bro looks about like my #2 (but from the back, how many blonde toddlers don’t look alike?), I would have been 12 or 13 at the time.



5 Responses

  1. I’m counting how many things in that photo we still have in our possession. Backgammon and Rummy cube sets I think; I know the chess board is still around, and that cabinet is right now sitting in our entry way and is the designated junk/car keys holder. Apparently we liked candles.

  2. And the cube speaker (both of which we still have)

  3. Is that all? Darn. I took your mom’s use of the word “backside” as a euphemism for showing some crack. That would’ve been a good representation of the Reuben I know …

    Incidentally, these squiggly letters are getting harder. I just made my first mistake, and it gave me an easier one. (If you’re not sure how a human being of even moderate intelligence could possibly make a mistake, obviously you haven’t reached the more difficult squiggly level that I play at. So there.)

  4. Cool! I added you (and the forrester) to my blogroll…

  5. […] Turns out, this year I dropped the fatherly ball, and did not take one single picture with my camera on Christmas day (all is not lost, grandparents were active). However, I realized that I did have an unusual number of Christmas-epoch pictures that met Blogorrhea’s anonymity policy (for other examples, see this’n, that’n, t’other’n). […]

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