…to me and my blog! I was hoping that my set-up blog could chill while I get really ready to start posting, but linkbacks let the cat out of the bag, and now my fan base is clamoring for product! (Gotta increase that content-to-comment ratio!)

So I guess this is where I have to have the obligatory first description of myself, the purpose of my blog, etc. And that gets me wondering about the nature of anonymity on the web. Should I use my real name? My full name? My family’s names? My Social Security Number? References to my employer or church? How about family pictures? Should I reveal to the world what me and mine look like, or just take a picture of half of my face (like this (scroll down) or this or countless other blog avatars I’ve seen)? Maybe a picture of my elbow or my bellybutton, or my fingertip that got shaved off in a freak mandolin accident.

I will say that “RUBERAD” is the moniker I used for videogame high scores on my paper-route-bought Commodore-64 when I was a kid (what kind of video game uses more than 3 letters? I don’t even remember anymore. I only remember playing Jumpman and Beachhead).

And while Blogorrhea is a word that I was not quick enough to coin myself, I was clever enough to think of it myself. Logorrhea (“Logos”=word + “Diarrhea”) was the winning word in the 1996 US National Spelling Bee, as featured in the fascinating documentary Spellbound, and from there it’s a short leap to Blogorrhea.

And now that I am on a streak of starting paragraphs with “And”, I will say that I’ve always thought that the word “But” would be a great way to start a novel, or some other great literary work.

And behind that bulwark of secrecy I will rest snugly in the illusion of anonymity. And to the hypothetical reader who is here for some other reason than that I begged and spammed you with links (https://ruberad.wordpress.com — bookmark it!), you can rest assured that my defenses will inevitably crumble, and you will figure out who I am, and then realize how much you don’t care.

10 Responses

  1. Hmmpf. You only have to scroll down to see my half-face if you’re using IE. Use a Real Browser ™ like any of the more superior and secure Mozilla products, and my blog will look exactly the way I designed it too…

  2. Or, alternatively, look at the very small 6 year old picture of me to the right of this comment… [mod.: from the original blogspot comment!]

  3. Don’t forget about Radar Rat Race! Check out the pic I just emailed you of you actually playing your Commodore 64. You could use this as it only reveals your backside!

  4. Alright, now the cat’s really out of the bag. We want to see the pic of your Commodore-playing backside!

    The scary thing about a blog is that it’s like a pet. It’s always out there, and it always wants to be fed. Here’s hoping you’re able to keep it tamed. Don’t allow us rubemania fans to press you too much, no matter how loudly or how often we clamor.

  5. P.S. I was meaning to compliment you on your blog name. Wish I’d thought of it. Rats.

  6. You bring up a sore point that has irked me for 47 years. When I was in the 6th grade, I won the one and only spelling bee we ever held in our school (class).

    I wanted to have ’em weekly (victory was a thrill) but I guess the teacher could see what was coming. Namely, a whole bunch of losers getting waxed repetitively by one (me) or two (the other smart kid in my class) students.

    So my career ended prematurely.

    (I now you all were looking for speling mistaches in my coment. Sory to dissapoint you)

  7. Must be genetic; you should see #1son get exercised about his spelling tests: ecstatic for 100%, raging tantrums for anything else. Last night he was pouting because after dinner he asked if we could “do some spelling”, and we told him he’d have to wait for school tomorrow.

  8. It took me a whole day to realize this :):) Thanks to E’s links. I thought about you a whole lot while I was in S.A. enjoying “math people watching.” I’ll have to tell K about #1 son’s spelling abilities. Ask my #1 daughter’s about hers :)

  9. Incidentally — I click on your old blog by mistake and noticed that the second URL you provided was incorrect: ruberad.service.com (you meant to type wordpress). Might want to go back and fix it …

    Congratulations on your new digs!

  10. […] In general, it is my policy to avoid referencing people by actual name or image, but by whatever moniker or representation they may offer to the world on their own blogs. However, due to the inaccuracy of the following representation of The Forester, I think an exception is justified. Without further ado, I give you… THE FORESTER!! […]

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