Tile guys

So I’m working up a giant post on Infant Baptism (which I’m sure will settle the question once and for all).  Hopefully it will be ready for release soon, because it’s going to be a very busy week, with tile being installed in our house (from the front door to the hallway, including the kitchen, dining, bathroom, and under the bar: about 300sq ft), and me going on travel (two days of flying for one day of meetings, plus I will get to meet The Forester’s baby!  If I don’t get it done on time, it will have to wait for next week, I’m sure.  Maybe I’ll publish my draft in whatever state it’s in before I travel, so I can come back home to plenty of flames!


5 Responses

  1. Wave if you pass over Ohio :)

  2. Is the Forrester’s baby a Philistine or a Covenant member, may I ask?

    Also, check your gmail account for some IB fodder that you may want to consider in your write-up.

  3. Not sure why you’re asking, but here’s the answer.

  4. I asked simply because I was curious. I see the baptismal font in the foreground.

  5. Sorry for being touchy. Recently someone responded to some of my comments as if I was an unbeliever (see this thread, particularly the bottom two comments.) It was a bit weird.

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