Well, I mentioned earlier that I was going on a business trip and would get to hang out with The Forester and meet his baby.  In addition, Mrs. Forester had a great surprise lined up for us; she had called some more friends (Chuckie Bob and MiseRaeRae (I’ve never tried to spell that before!), and 4 spawn), who drove 4 hours to pop in and join us for dinner, and 4 more hours to get back home the next morning!  And to round out the party, Forester also called in additional local co-alumnular friends.  We all had a great time, catching up, talking about all our kids (13 among the 5 of our families), checking out some Google videos, locating another old friend, staying up too late talking, and finally waking up at 6:30 eastern (3:30 pacific!) to dash out into the forest with the Forester and squeeze in 14 cold holes before I had to get back and make my flight home.

Thanks for having me over Foresters, thanks to everybody else for driving all that way (or not so far, but on short notice).  It was a great time of fun, food, and fellowship with you folks.

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