A Bad House Day

Whatever happened to the late-90’s expression that swept the nation: “I’m having a bad hair day”?  It seems to have dropped out of our national lexicon (reader challenge: what other recent faddish expressions have fallen by the wayside?).  Anyways, we had a bad house day.  The tile is still not finished (grout needs sealing), so we have not yet put back our dining table and reassembled our kitchen, so we can resume our regular lives.  The heater is acting up (even after replacing the filter (probably because I took so long to replace the filter), the re-installed stove is not working, we’ve got water leaking into the side of our house near the edge of the new tile, and we are again getting sporadic inability to dial-up to the internet, due to some kind of electrical interference; it seems like everything goes wrong at once!

By the end of the day, I did manage to fix the stove (by paying $40 to replace an obsolete circuit breaker (which didn’t help), and eventually finding one of the three strands of the power cord had come loose).  The Gas Man (contrary to popular opinion, it’s not me) will be coming to look at the heater for free on Wed (i.e. he’ll estimate for us how many hundreds of $$ we’ll have to pay to have it serviced).

House owning/operating can be draining at times! 

2 Responses

  1. A bad house day in San Diego is still better than an awesome house day anywhere else! :-)

  2. Where’s the beef?

    And, it seems that the ubiquitous “bottom line” is being replaced by the equally annoying “at the end of the day”, although they probably aren’t univocal.

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