Family Progress Report

Well most of this will concern #1, who, with his gigantic personality, seems to consume all of our lives to the largest extent. But I’ll get #2 and #3 out of the way first:

#2’s biggest recent achievement is potty training (when he heard T-bird & I discussing “Potty Train”, he asked “Where’s the Potty Train?” To which T & I wondered, what sound does the Potty Train make? “Wee-Wee”, or “Poo-Poo”?). Although #2 mastered #1 very quickly, there was more resistance to #2. With continued vigilance (and a quintupling of the incentive to 5 peanut M&Ms per event), he is now doing much better in this department. And he remains a super-sweet, smiley, affectionate (and calm!) boy.

#3 is gradually getting better at sleeping and crying (well, you know what I mean). Although he’s not consistent yet, there are many nights with only 2 feedings. He’s smiling a lot, and is able to hold on to a rattle for quite a while if you put it in his hand.

Now for #1. Always very verbal, he is doing (we think) astoundingly well with his reading (our primary goal for his Kindergarten year of homeschool). Some of his acheivements include Hop on Pop, Green Eggs & Ham, Cat in the Hat (Comes Back). He can basically read any #1 or #2 book we throw at him. It’s great to now be able to say “#1, go read a book to #2!” (although #2 doesn’t necessarily have the patience to wait for all the words before wanting to turn the page!). Last night at church, #1 read Rev. 5:9-10 from a powerpoint chart that was up for a while during a missionary talk (needing help with only a few words, like ransomed, language, and reign). He also did a great job with this Yes&Know Invisible Ink book of fairy tales (remember these things?) I picked up in the airport. Paced by the little squares with pictures to reveal, he read 4 1/2 double-spaced pages of text (asking for help on maybe a dozen words) as well as aceing the comprehension quizzes. It was really cool to see his amusement when he figured out the fundamental concept behind The Princess and the Pea, and the jokes in some of the silly multiple-choice answers: the princess married a) the queen b) the prince c) a clown d) a cowboy? The pea was dipped in a) gold b) chocolate c)silver d) brass?

Another area of recent progress is bike-riding. Although there have been some spectacular spills, he is riding like a champ now. I took him out to the Lake, where there is a nice wide paved walking/jogging/skating/biking path. He had a great time riding, never pooped out on a hill, and was talking about how every Saturday and Sunday I should take him out to the lake to ride. We finished the 6 mile circuit (3mi out to the gate, and back), and then decided to do it again! 12 miles is I think quite a ride for a little boy. We’ve got plans to go again this weekend with the whole family, and hopefully we can figure out how it would work for him to ride when T-bird runs with #2 and #3 in the double-jogging stroller, and then they can go to the Lake anytime during the week. I think it will do everyone good for #1 to get that much more energy out, and T to be able to get back to running.


2 Responses

  1. Oh, how we’d love to see you all. I’ll bet I could get # 1 to sit and read to me (or cross-stitch with me) :) and we are so overdue for some hugs for the others. All in good time….

  2. Certainly it makes sense to wait until the final baby (of this round) is born. And the longer you wait, the more you will be able to interact with Mason/Marco too!

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