#1 is doing much better with his bible reading than me. He already finished his whole bible (500+ pages!) a few days ago! I tried looking up Rom 4:11 in his translation to see if I could get any new insights into Infant Baptism, but for some reason I just couldn’t find it!

#2 is just cute. A while back, reading an animal encyclopedia, he said “applesauce” instead of “octopus”, and found it so funny, I don’t think he’ll ever say octopus again. As a result, he’s tricked himself into saying “apple-side-down”, as in “turn that book over, it’s apple-side down!” Also, it’s funny to hear what he picks up on; during sermons, he’ll repeat random phrases that percolate into his tiny brain. “Chapter 1” never fails to trigger him (and for some reason, he keeps opening bibles (and hymnals) to random pages, pointing, and saying “I found thirty-six!”).

And last night, instead of “no fear” (as in “the Christian need have no fear of God”), #2 heard “no beer”, which reminded him of a recent conversation that apparently was very meaningful to him, because he kept reminding me “no beer little boys, no beer little boys, daddy”.


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  1. I’m so glad you’re sharing them with us this way! It’s so much better than not knowing them at all :)

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