Blogroll Revue

I am pleased to report that my two favorite bloggers have broken their hiatus, and are back in action.  So this post has very little content, but encourages you to check them out today.

My dad (who doesn’t actually always need sheet music) has I’m afraid neglected his own blog in order to post regularly at some wacko’s debate on Infant Baptism.  But that seems to have petered out, and he has come back to address the myth that reformed, calvinist types are all head and no heart.  “Sandemanian”, he called it.

My best man has returned with two more touching posts about fatherhood (this’n and that’n).  I am not surprised at all what a great father he is, and it’s exciting for me to observe his paternal progress on two counts: Since I have been through it twice before him, I know what’s coming up for him (crawling, climing, cruising, walking, talking); on the flip side, however, my #3 is about 5 months behind his #1, so he in turn is reminding me of what is coming up for me!

Some other notable mentions:

The only friend from England with whom I remain in contact has started a blog, and his latest post has some metaphysical content which might be of interest to the current readership (we might refocus and restart on this blog as well).

The most recent addition to my blogroll is another friend from college that I rediscovered recently (but his blog doesn’t allow comments — how annoying!)

And while I’m at it, since I don’t want to commit any sins of omission, I might as well round out the rest of my blogroll, which consists of three wise women from the same family; my aunt, cousin, and cousin.

One final mention, the officiant of my wedding, he to whom I was best man, he from whom I learned everything I know about basketball, and nothing I know about TULIP, the infamous AlbinoHayford, shows signs of converting to blog instead of spam.  He hasn’t been able to devote much time to getting it going, because of pressures of his dad’s chemo, and assuming church responsibilities.  Please pray for him.

[late-breaking postscript: I forgot to mention my brother, who actually just made a new post as well!]


4 Responses

  1. Thanks for the shout out, dude …

  2. Friends matter a lot. Let’s devote more time to staying connected.

  3. On a bit of a hiatus yourself? I was wondering how you’d respond to my recent edgy comments on Biblical inerrancy.

  4. Reuben is on travel. (Denver) He should have seen your comments on the inerrancy thread, though.

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