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My Aunt has done it again, this time by writing a thoughtful and compelling piece about the fallout from the Muhammad cartoons.  It was written for Urbana.org, or you can read (and comment on) the reprint at her own blog.


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  1. Nice post, although I agree with Bruce S that sympathies for Islamofascism runs increasingly lower as their violence grows higher.

    It seems that the question raised gets at the heart of pluralism and recapitulates cold war arguments re. the same: is liberalism required to tolerate those that clearly seek its destruction? Lots of answers were given with Liberals on both sides of the issue. I tend to believe that totalitarians with the means to destroy freedom (and here judgement is crucial) needs be resisted with all morally justifiable means.

    I know that this last sentence contains lots of possibilities for…um, discussion. However, I’d steer conversation towards just war criteria (proportionality, just cause, etc.)

  2. Nick, you might find Paul Berman’s book Terror and Liberalism speaking to your questions. He spoke on our campus a couple of years back while I was teaching a first year seminar entitled “Tolerance and True Belief: Are They Both Possible during a War on Terror.” He is a card-carrying liberal who wonders if liberalism can stand up to the totalitarianism of Islamism and sees (sadly) the seeds of death in liberal ideas because it was liberalism itself that spawned the 20th century totalitarian regimes. I reviewed it in the electronic journal Comment (put out by the Canadian Chr. Labor movement folk) in October 2004.

  3. Barbara,

    I read your article in Comment with great interest–for a couple reasons. First, as approximately 6 mo. ago I joined the list of WRF supporters. Second, as the Ex. Dir. of IAPCHE (an odd acronym that stands for [catch your breath] the International Association for the Promotion of Christian Higher Education), I know of several Christian scholars who also have wondered what the world would be like now had Herman Dooyeweerd and Sayyid Qutb carried on a substantial dialogue.

    In fact, I spoke with one such person after Church this very morning: Hubert Krygsman, a professor of History at Dordt College who has a student currently completing a research project comparing and contrasting the criticisms of Dooyeweerd and Qutb of “The West.” So, he has eagerly requested your article, having also closely read Berman’s book.

    There are several others members of IAPCHE involved in these kinds of reflections, including Jan Boer and Mike VanderWeele. Let me know if you want more info/contacts.

    I’m glad that I can find my sketchy and preliminary comments much more thoroughly plumbed in your article and look forward to more of the same from you!

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