Calvinist Castle

Here are some pictures of a "Calvinist Castle" I built:

CalvinistCastle calvinistcastle1.jpg

(If you can't tell, that's Luther (top) and Calvin demonstrating proper and safe use of the Calvinist Castle — thx mom!)

The Calvinist Castle can elevate your child(ren) to a participatory height in the kitchen, while keeping them away from counters full of messy, sharp, and hot things (or up to the counter, depending on where you put it). It is a knockoff I made of a product called the Learning Tower, which you can buy off the web for about $150.

The reason mine is called a Calvinist Castle is that I am going to use Calvinist Cadet Corps volunteer (i.e. child) labor to build more of them, sell them for a modest net (I haven't decided on a price yet, but it will certainly be less than $100), and let the cadets choose a charity to donate the proceeds to.

As you can see, the CC (fully loaded) easily accepts one large and one medium child (and I could squeeze in the small one too, but he can't stand yet). The CC is made of sturdy 3/4" plywood (this one is oak-veneered, but lighter birch would also be possible), with a washable polyurethane finish. The platform height is adjustable, and all the plywood edges are nicely rounded-over with a router. The dimensions of the one I made (21"Wx18"Dx38"H) are a little smaller than the original, and could be adjusted to suit your needs. The turret-profile could be jigsawed in any other (simple) design (but the name would have to change: Wesley's Wavy Waterworld? Zwingli's Zig-Zaggurat?). I've even had a special request to make one with hinged corners, and I think that must be feasible (although I haven't made any promises yet).

So if you live within driving distance of San Diego (or are willing to pay for flat-pack shipping), and would like to safely incorporate your kids (or grandkids) in the kitchen, for a bargain price (while also sending a few bucks to a charity TBD), then let me know, and I will get out my whip and start drivin' those cadets!


4 Responses

  1. I am impressed! I didn’t know you were a woodworking guy, particularly after that hinge moving blog. Is the Calvinist Cadet Corp troop an activity in your Presbyterian Church. When we lived on Nelson ST I would walk or ride my bike past their main bldg. all the time.

  2. I harbored reservations about all of setty’s woodworking tools leaving the family, as you may recall. This is why.

  3. BTW, by ‘hinged corners’ does that mean collapsible? I think collapsibility is a necessity.

  4. yes, hinging is for folding flat (after taking the platform out)

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