Finished Tile

It’s been probably a month now, but since I have some pictures of the finished tile handy, I thought I’d post them.

Here’s from the hallway across the dining room and under the bar, with #2 at the table, reading US News & World Report.

Here’s from the living room, towards the dining room & back door (look, there’s #1 just off-frame to the left!)


It’s worked out pretty well, and so far the tile has withstood the two ultimate tests: an entire broken bottle of maple syrup, and globs of mustard-yellow baby poop (right in the grout)!


2 Responses

  1. Looks great! But we want photos of the grout test!

  2. I can do better than that: we can actually reproduce the test on your very own grout!  (Blogorrhea indeed!)

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