Don’t you hate it

when you forget to shower right?  I can always tell whether I have washed my face or hair by the grease level, but that’s about the only reliable indicator I have of progress through the checklist.  Usually the problem is that I forget to rinse an armpit, but that is detected when I hand-squeegee the water off before toweling.  Easy enough to just turn the water on again, although re-squeegeeing is necessary. 

This morning, I was out of the shower, and dry, and applying hair gel, when I realized I still had a head full of conditioner.  I tried to just stick my head in the shower to rinse it all off, but of course, I basically got totally wet again.  What a pain!


2 Responses

  1. You may not believe this but yesterday in church, during the ‘children’s sermon’, the speaker guy was talking about forgetting to do things, the point being to not forget to pray before you eat or whatever, and the example he gave of his own forgetfulness was that sometimes he forgets to rinse conditioner out before getting out of the shower.

  2. At the other extreme is getting half-way through a step before realizing that you just completed it a minute or two ago! …like I did this morning with shampoo…

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