Statistics Quiz

In response to Sheet Music’s statistics quiz (which I geeked the crap out of), here’s another one for you:

The doctor says to the new parents

Congratulations!  Your child has an above-average number of arms and legs!

What does he mean?  Is the child deformed?  (I put this question on a statistics test once, and one answer that I got back, while not right, is certainly funny: “It’s a boy!”)

4 Responses

  1. Man, you need to keep your head down on this one. You have an above average number of wives!

  2. Good point, although I wonder whether where I stand compared to the average number of current wives had by adult males — are there more married men than unmarried men? Certainly if you change to the number of wives EVER had by adult males, I’m below average!

  3. Yup. Although the T-bird is a way above average wife.

  4. You’ll get no argument there — only the best for me!

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