Sweet Story

This morning on NPR there was a short feature on a Korean immigrant describing why her marriage is more affectionate than is common among other traditional or immigrant Koreans.

The story can be read and/or heard here, although it is disappointing to note that the high point of the story (for me anyways), is omitted from the written version.  The web text says

As a child, she had seen very little affection or tenderness in her home.  Lee decided she wanted her marriage to be different from what was customary in Korea.

But in the audio version, we learn that Mrs. Lee was inspired to have a different marriage by the example of American missionaries (?Bob and Arva?) Pinkston.

I always say that I perceive NPR to be less biased than CBS, but I wonder if here is some liberal bias showing through NPR’s usually polished veneer of objectivity.  Could the writer of the web-summary of the audio interview not wrap their minds around the concept that Christianity (which everybody knows is completely misogynistic) defines marriage as mutual sacrifice and self-deprecation?  Could they only hear the story in terms they could understand — in terms of a woman fighting the good feminist fight against an oppressive, subjective patriarchal tradition?

So anyways, listen to the audio if you have the bandwidth.  Ideology aside, the written summary isn’t as sweet and personal as hearing the story in her own words.

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