Sunday Stuff

It was a busy Sunday.  T-bird stayed home with snotty, coughy #3, and I took #1 and #2 to morning & evening, which both had guest preachers.

#2 was really cute with his “singing” along to hymns (he likes to flip around in the hymnal while tunelessly chanting the only part of the upcoming Sonbeams hymn he can remember (“wunrus cross, wunrus cross, … “)  (#1 has his two verses well-memorized, however).  #2 was also pretending to write his name.  He knows now that “C is for [#2]”, but then gets mixed up with the only word he (kind of) knows how to spell, so he’ll make little spiral scribbles and say “C L E, C L E…”.

And so with all of this going on, I was still able to get something out of the guest sermons!  In the morning, David White of (Harvest Ministries International?), who was in town for the weekend conference on sexual brokenness, preached on the woman at the well.  I got some new concepts out of this:

  • All of us have at least one person in our life, that we believe is out of God’s reach (everybody pause and think of that person (I can think of a few…)). Obviously, since we know that God is all-powerful, and he draws all men unto himself, nobody is out of his reach. He challenged us to, instead of giving up on that person (and God!), to have some faith, and pray for that person, and look for opportunities to be a vessel for God’s word to them.
  • Today, since we are well familiar with New Testament language, we take for granted the concept of God as our Father.  This was actually quite radical for Jesus to say — it was considered blasphemous, actually, which is why every time he did, he invited stones from the Pharisees. 

In the evening, we heard from Henry Krabbendam of Covenant College (his beard was somewhere between this and that extreme, kind of a Colonel Sanders look).  He preached on communion and the life of the church, and he had a LOT to say, without ever once mentioning the last supper!  I need to get the tape to hear it again, because I think I missed a lot of good stuff.


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