Bible for Boys

At church tonight, the text was Ezekiel 37, most popularly known as the source of the gospel/traditional/schoolhouse rock song "Dem Bones, Dem Bones". Since #1's standard church task is to copy a few verses into a notebook, I had him read vv. 1–10, and copy 7-8. The image of a valley full of bones assembling into an army blew his mind! After church he was running around reading it to his other little 4&5 year old friends.

Later, I had him read about Ehud, but he was not as impressed.

Probably I should stop trying to tantalize him with sensational passages; he's doing a great job just reading through Genesis; he even made it through the begats in ch 36!


4 Responses

  1. Perhaps #1 recognized the parallel between Ehud’s actions and the religiously motivated killings we still see today? He’s a bright kid.

  2. I think Ehud was actually more politically motivated, since Israel was in subjugation under this king. Although in a theocracy, where’s the dividing line?

    And I don’t think #1 has any awareness of modern religiously motivated killings.

  3. I’m sure you’re right. On both points.

  4. […] hymns in particular. There was a time when I kept getting hits for dem bones sheet music (currently Bible for Boys is on page 5 of the previous linked Google search), no doubt because of that one mention of […]

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