New Theme

As  you probably noticed, I have switched this blog to a new theme.  Although I lost the monthly calendar to navigate recent posts, and probably took a step backwards in terms of visual appeal, I (and you) gained (through the use of WordPress's new widget functionality)

  • Recent comments, so now I'm not the only one who can easily see new comments to old posts
  • Posts have their categories displayed

In addition, I have added two more profound characterizations of the human race.   As (I pretend) the French say, "enjoi".


2 Responses

  1. “A” step backwards? ;-)

    Same decision I made for my own blog. I miss the old theme, but oh well. Eventually WordPress’ll catch up by offering themes that are both clean and functional. In the meantime, content over form, always.

  2. I checked my old theme, and ta-da! They’ve added widgets, so I’ve switched back. Maybe your old theme will gain the features you want before too long.

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