I want to encourage anybody and everybody in the vicinity to attend this concert.  A friend of mine is struggling to get the Cabrillo Chamber Orchestra off the ground, and the quality of music produced by this scrappy little band is well worth support by the public.  I wish I could point you to a PayPallable CD you could buy to support them if you don't live in the area, but Musicians Union regulations (which he scrupulously and frustratedly adheres to) make commercial recording impossible for such a small organization.

The last concert (which I had the extreme privilege to play in, as emergency back-up 2nd violin) was astounding.  It was the most professional, artistic concert that I have ever performed, and everyone I know that attended found the experience to be very rewarding.


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  1. I looked it up on the web. Looks very interesting. I’m always happy to see classical music treated not seriously. Want me to send you a copy of my Cellobration concert? It’s the 8 celli of the OPO. It was a summer series concert so we got to run with it and have fun. n

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