Friday Fun

Thx to an email tip from limejelly, I thought I'd publicize this cool Star Wars Fan video by embedding it in a blog. Apparently there's quite a community of Star Wars fan video producers out there; check out another funny one I also embed below, and look for more by

going to Google Video and searching for "Star Wars Fan"

BANDWIDTH ALERT! You probably cannot enjoy the rest of this post if you only have dialup (e.g. if you are my wife)

Anyways, here's the awesome light-saber duel limejelly first tipped me to (what creativity for teenagers!)

And here's "Death Star Repairmen", which presents a hilarious alternate perspective…


7 Responses

  1. Did you come across this one? Slow setup and conclusion, but the lightsaber fight itself is quite well done.

  2. P.S. This one isn’t Star Wars, but it’s a must-see. Remember the Hawaii 5-0 Theme? If not, no worries — this rendition will bring it right back …

  3. Another one for your collection … (warning — fairly crude):

    Palpatine takes an important phone call

  4. This one’s from a galaxy not so far, far away. “This boy love that leftover roast beef!”: Star Trek Cribs

  5. Another one for your collection — a pretty impressively produced stormtrooper version of Cops.

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