Don't worry, folks, that nauseating feeling that something is missing in your life is just lack of Blogorrhea!

Things have been crazy busy lately; I became an uncle again, sprained my ankle pretty bad last Tuesday playing Ultimate (this morning I saw my ankle bone for the first time since, and the past couple days I've been able to walk without limping, as long as I take small steps), I went to a great Men's Retreat, reinstalled Windoze 2K at home on a fresh-bought 80G hard drive (but still have not taken action to recover 2 YEARS of full-size original digipics from the old drive), and finally stepped back up to CableModem at home (soon to be wireless)!

So with all that going on, I have temporarily lost the drive to express in blog form the font of wisdom that flows so copiously from within me. I apologize for the negative impact this is hiatus is having on your well-being, personal fulfillment, and general quality of life. Rest assured that you'll be able to imbibe deeply again soon.


6 Responses

  1. Hopefully you won’t let this happen again.

  2. Phew! I didn’t realise I wasn’t breathing.

    For accessing hard drives without having to plumb them into your beast, an IDE to USB adapter is a splendid solution. I’ve got one of the following:


  3. Hopefully you won’t let this happen again.

    What, not blogging for a week, or spraining my ankle, or losing 2yr of pictures (I could get most of it back if I could read one non-redundant backup CD that my drives are not recognizing)?

  4. Not blogging for a week. Your ankles are probably a lost cause. Hoping the photos aren’t.

  5. The man hit the deck running – check out his jokes at the tail of my post http://limejelly.wordpress.com/2006/04/25/new-joke/

  6. […] So way back on April 18, I sprained my right ankle playing ultimate. Now that’s the first time I ever sprained my right ankle, but I have lots of experience with left ankle sprains, and this one was different. So three weeks later, I finally buckled and went to see the doctor, who told me that my (lack of) progress was not unreasonable, and he didn’t think I need bother with an X-ray. […]

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