3 out of 4

…is great progress. Monday night, Wednesday night, and Thursday night, #1 made it through the entire night without unintended #1, and Tuesday night the small accident that set off the alarm did not even soak all the way out to the pee-jamas. This is basically after 1 month of use; documentation states that 6-8 weeks is typical.

If he stays dry for 2 weeks, we'll call it a success and discontinue use of the alarm, which will allow us to conduct the Great Bed Switch: #1 moves up, #2 moves under, and #3 moves from portable playpen (he outgrew the bassinette) in the computer room to #2's crib. We will probably have some significant discipline issues to deal with in order for #1 and #2 to play and (go to) sleep in the same room. But another side-benefit of solving bedwetting is that it will be a lot easier to camp in Yosemite this July!


3 Responses

  1. Wow. I didn’t know you were going to Yosemite. Tent? cabin? hotel? Bringing all the kids? Let us know how it is and take lots of pics.

  2. Going with about a dozen couples/families from church. Many kids. #1 will be the oldest, #3 will not be the youngest (although when we went two years ago, #2 was the youngest, @5mo? About what #3 is now). We will take lots of pictures, and hopefully they won’t get lost in a hard drive crash!

  3. 5 out of 7 and counting…

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