Kid Stuff

Just some random notes about the three boyz…

#1 just finished reading Genesis today. Not some toddler-fied story bible, but the real thing (depending on what you think of the NIV). Then again, yesterday he ran his bike into a street-pole. So genius is bounded.

I think #2 might have a career ahead of him as a StarFleet Empath. He keeps talking about how his eye hurts, and he needs to go to the eye doctor. Of course, it's really T's eye that has required doctor care for the past two years. Or after I sprained my ankle, for a week he was going around saying "I hurt my foot. I was playing frisbee with the guys, and I fell down in the grass and hurt my foot."

Yesterday after #2 & I went around the block on his tricycle (his favorite activity), and dinner wasn't quite ready, we went around again on foot. He decided he wanted to run. And this he did not with his usual toddler-style, stiff-arm bouncing, but in a caricature of how mommy runs. Now T is a good runner, with a relaxed, smooth stride (you have to be to get a 2:04:21 half-marathon), but #2's impression of grown-up running has long, bounding leapy steps, and asymmetrically overworked arms. Bent at the elbows, yes, but shoulders pumping up and down, and the right arm swinging so far, it looks like he'll hit himself in the back of the head with his elbow (but the left arm, not so much).

#3 is pushing 6 months now. No sitting yet, and he's not rolling much (except when he's angry and on the floor), but opposite to #2's continual "baby-crunches", #3 is always arching his back and scooting upwards. He can clear a room in no time (usually when nobody's looking). He's also eating well. For some reason, a spoonfull of food doesn't quite do the trick. He has to stick two fingers in his mouth so he can feel like he's sucking the food, not eating it.


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  1. We’ve just booked our tickets (B, C, K with Grandpa making a separate decision and AR not able to decide yet) for August 15 – 22. Can’t wait to see everyone. Baby-hugging tour, second round. More later.

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