Good Thinking, Krusty

T relates the following story about #1: last week he was talking on the phone with Nana (T's mom), and wrapped up the conversation with a joke:

OK, Nana, you can talk to Mommy now.

<pausing, switching to falsetto> Hi, Nana

Ha ha! I'm just kidding!

2 Responses

  1. Yes, that was pretty funny, but one of my favorite #1 ticklers was when he was about 4 y.o.; we were at the zoo with my parents and their visiting friend. She was wearing sandals and he looked at her feet and said “How come you only have 3 toes?” We all chuckled and I told him that the other 2 toes were hiding under the material of her sandals. Whew, thank goodness that she didn’t really have just 3 toes!

  2. Those are both funny. Thanks for sharing them. What a magnificent young man!

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