So us boys went out for haircuts today, and because #1 has unmanageable, un(well)cuttable hair, we decided to experiment with a buzzcut.  And of course, in solidarity (and sibling-worship), #2 got a buzz too.

The results are mixed.  #1 looks great.  His hair is dark and thick and dense, so the buzz looks tight, neat, confident, and aggressive.  A good fit for his personality (and he loves it)!  #2 on the other hand, "my sweet boy", whose hair is still blonde and fine (all genetic indicators say it won't last) looks like a poor disheveled urchin just admitted to an orphanage and shaved for lice.  Unlike #1, the buzz-cut makes #2 look like he has a different personality. At least he is not bothered by it (I don't think he cares one way or the other).  I think we'll just let it grow out, at least while it stays fine and manageable.  If/when it turns into a horse-brush, we'll give the buzz another go.


2 Responses

  1. I would love to see a pic!

  2. I plan on taking some pics tonight, and I need to upload & backup-burn images anyways, so probably some time this week…

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