Family News

Just a few notes about the kids, for those that care…

The other night, we had a family game night with Rummikub. It's a game I played all the time growing up, and #1 is loving it too. We relaxed (removed) the 30-points to go down rule (so he doesn't have to worry about adding) and we play basically open so we can help him. He can't find plays very well, but he certainly understands what's going on, and responds well to leading questions ("you have two eights, can you find any extra eights on the table…"). #2 gets to join in the fun just by filling his own tray, which we can use an an extension of the picking pile. Even #3 enjoyed it; he freaked out laughing when he heard us shaking the bag full of tiles, so we let him bat that around for a while when we were done. The only bad part was that #1 didn't win. He's always been a bad loser, and it's actually progress that he only cried, instead of yelling and screaming and slamming doors. I found some freeware (Cub Rummy) that he can practice on; hopefully he will be less upset if he loses to the computer, and he can improve his skills.

We have the soundtrack to O Brother, Where Art Thou, and it's been in rather heavy rotation in the CD-changer of Homer (our Honda Odyssey — how fitting for this topic!). Plus various songs have been stuck in T's head (and popping out all the time), so #2 is picking them up. Out of nowhere, he'll put on this grouchy face and use a scratchy voice to sing "We're in the jailhouse now." It's hilarious. He did it in church last Sunday morning. (Which was still hilarious, because we were indeed in the plexiglass jailhouse of what I call the "Toddler Gulag" — so only other families with small children were disturbed, and we all understand)

And, to round out the hat-trick, #3 is sitting up now (if we sit him up, of course).He can spend a good long time (i.e. 10 minutes) sitting on the floor by himself, playing with rattles and such. Not yet getting up on his knees to start crawling, though, which is fine by us.

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  1. We care. Written from grandpa’s computer….Great Aunt B

  2. Actually, for the past couple of days #3 has been getting up on his hands and knees and even rocking back and forth. I seem to remember #1 doing that just before he started the backwards crawl. I see unstoppable crawling in the near future. Ah, how life will change again.

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