Fun Saturday

What a busy, fun long weekend. Since my company went to 9/80, I get every other Friday off. Friday morning we took the whole family disc golfing (#1 and #2 both have pretty impressive throws!).

Saturday afternoon was a birthday party for two of Ron's boys, where I met a very interesting ex-paedobaptist. Not the typical kind, who merely came to the realization that baptism does not equal salvation, but a formerly reformed credobaptist (now a Reformed Baptist (hold the 'credo')). He put an interesting spin on the question for me. His sticking point is how to treat unbelieving spouses or non-infant children. If a new convert's wife doesn't confess faith, should the wife be baptised? If a covenant family adopts a teenager who doesn't confess faith, should the teenager be baptised? He says that a consistent credobaptist would have to answer yes on the grounds that the father is the covenental head of his household, and is responsible for ensuring his family is in the visible church. (And unusually for a credobaptist, he does admit a visible/invisible distinction).

Now Westminster (and the Bible) approaches baptism with a two-pronged approach (sentence XXVIII.IV); one for infants, and one for confessing converts. But where/how to draw the line? I'll have to keep thinking about this one.

And finally, Saturday wrapped up with a Settlers party. This is a great board game that T & I learned from German friends in grad school (in the original German!), and we have discovered a pocket of aficionados at our church. Great fun was had by all.

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