Check this out; I just found a really cool resource online. Note the "Translation count" that allows you to see which of the 90 occurrences of pleroo (Strong's greek word #4137) are translated as 'fulfil', 'fill', 'complete', …

There are at least two ways to get to this page (or others like it), but neither is simple and direct. If you can find a better way, let me know!

  1. Way one:
    • Google "Strong's Concordance Online" (I feel lucky…)
    • Get to
    • In the top form, type the word you are interested in ('fulfil') and hit Search!
    • Noting the Strongs' numbers after every english word, scroll down to the verse of interest (Mat 5:17) and click on the number for the word of interest (fulfil=4137)
    • There you are!
  2. Way two:
    • Go directly to
    • Type the word (fulfil) into the "Words/Phrase to Search For" box
    • After that comes back, check the "Show Strong's" box, type your word again in the "Perform another…" field, and hit Search again.
    • There you are!

If anybody can find a way to get the Strong's numbers in one go, directly from the front page, I'd be interested to hear how you did it, because I can't figure it out!

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