Making a Difference

Regardless of T & I's best efforts, #1 apparently remains quite susceptible to the power of advertising:

"Hey Daddy, if we got Flomax, we would see a difference in just one week!"

"A difference in what?"

"Uh, I don't know…"

6 Responses

  1. Let’s hope he won’t need to know for years to come or maybe forever :)

  2. The market researchers were mis-briefed… “Oh, *second* childhood”

  3. It’s a good thing your bladder isn’t as weak as that pun!

    What #1 actually needs is Flomin, if anybody can show me where to get some!

  4. …in a week, you should ask your Uncle C….:(

  5. Wow! He’ll be deep-sea fishing in no time!

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