A Man…

A man should be able to tell when he just has a dead battery, and not have his car towed to the dealership to get bent over for $200 for a $60 battery.

A man should know when to change the air filter on his heater, and should be able to tell whether an electric stove doesn’t work because a circuit breaker is bad, or because it’s just not connected properly.

A man should be able to make his front door stop sticking (without giving his grandpa the impression that he’s not “a woodworking guy” because this is too elementary to get all blogcited about).

A man should be able to install a ceiling fan without actually crawling into the attic, and if he does go into the attic, a man should know better than to rest his big fat butt on the drywall (Holey ceiling, Batman!).

A man should be able to backup his own data so he doesn’t have to pay One Large to The Man to restore it when the hard drive fails.

And most recently, a man should be able to not just peek under his dishwasher and decide that it’s not leaking, but also think enough to try peeking under the dishwasher when it’s running, so he can see the water for himself, rather than worrying himself (and his wife) with fears of a subterranean pipe leak, which could only be fixed by ripping out cabinets and jackhammering concrete. A man shouldn’t have to call a plumber who calls (and marks up) a leak-finder who peeks under the dishwasher, turns it on, and says ‘voila’.

And so now (partly out of penance, partly out of cheapness, mostly out of pride), a man should definitely be able to install a new dishwasher by himself. Hopefully it will be easier than disconnecting the old one…


6 Responses

  1. A man should be able to completely shut off a hot-water valve so that when the dishwasher infeed is disconnected, leaving a gaping hole out of the spigot, there won’t be a leak dripping all night, creating worse water problems than just a dishwasher leaking by itself…

  2. Dude! LOL

    Would it be correct to assume that “a man” is equal to “RubeRad?”

    Or, should I not even ask that question and embarrass you more?


  3. What makes you think I am not man enough to be able to handle all those things? No way dude, I was talking about ‘a friend’. Because he would be so embarrased, I can’t tell you his name though.

  4. Whaddya know — a man can install a dishwasher!

  5. What a nice friend you have! ;)

  6. You’re not joking — Brian B. ran over to my house to help stem the flood (well, 1-2 drips per second, accumulating to something like 1 gph) out of my hoseless hot-water shutoff valve until I could come home and install the dishwasher! Thx Bri — you rock!

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