I tried and failed to think of a witty title for this post. Any suggestions?

Apparently, the second coming has already happened, and this time around, Jesus is Puerto Rican. And sin and the devil no longer exist (whew, that’s a relief — the whole world is apparently a much nicer place). You can watch an NBC profile of this guy, if you have the bandwidth, and want to be creeped out.

My take is pretty simple. He’s not the first false messiah, and he won’t be the last. Sun Yung Moon, David Koresh, Jim Jones, … Trust me, if you are alive for Jesus’ second coming, you will not hear about it from NBC. The resurrection will not be televised.

In light of my last post, I’ll also note that this guy is lucky that Theonomy is not correct. Actually, he’s not that lucky, since the fact that he will not be executed for blasphemy is little consolation, given that he is facing an eternity in hell.

[thx to limejelly for the email tip!]

[Now this is funny: within exactly the same minute yesterday, limejelly chats me with “let me just find you a youtube link…”, and forester emails me a youtube link (from a youtube alias that I don’t recognize). So of course I assume that email is the link from limejelly, and rather than replying to the youtube alias, I email directly to limejelly (most of this post is pasted from that email), and limejelly responds back “blog it, dude!” (and doesn’t say “why did you send me this email”), and forester sits back and wonders why I have no reaction to the outrageous video clip. Whole Shakespeare plays have been built on flimsier constructions of coincidence and false identity!
So thx to forester for the email tip, and thx to limejelly, I guess for encouragement?]

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  1. He may be better off, but society is not.

    If theonomic laws were in place, I doubt this guy would have gone so far to lead so many astray, and therefore there wouldn’t even be a crime to punish.

  2. Didn’t your boy Calvin have a heretic burned at the stake? brrrrr…

  3. Here is a good, short article that answers your question about John Calvin and Servetus.

  4. Interesting article; I had previously understood that Calvin pleaded with Servetus to submit to the truth, and called for Servetus’ execution to be more humane, but this article makes clear that it was the Geneva city council (probably Catholic holdouts) who were pressing for the execution, and Calvin was resisting them.

    It is not absolutely clear, however, whether in the end Calvin approved of the execution or not, given that Servetus persisted in his heresy.

  5. […] More news wrt “The man Christ Jesus” Dr Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda : Pastor Gene Cook of Unchained Radio/The Narrow Mind Webcast hosted “Bishop of Bishops” Carlos Cestero (apparently Miranda’s chief apologist/spokesman), to discuss his movement in the light of scripture. You can acquire the audio (60 min/15meg mp3) from the Unchained Radio podcast site. Eventually (next year?) I think the mp3 will roll off the free podcast page, but it should still be available from Unchained Radio for 98 cents. […]

  6. Your boy Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda is now claiming to be the “Antichrist”, saying that’s a good thing, and having his followers tattoo 666 on their bodies. You just can’t make this stuff up!

    You should contact your friend at “Unchained Radio” and try to contact this nutjob again.

  7. Amazing, listen to this interview with one of his followers on Fox news. Truly Sad.

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