Ankle bone connected to the…

So way back on April 18, I sprained my right ankle playing ultimate. Now that’s the first time I ever sprained my right ankle, but I have lots of experience with left ankle sprains, and this one was different. So three weeks later, I finally buckled and went to see the doctor, who told me that my (lack of) progress was not unreasonable, and he didn’t think I need bother with an X-ray.

It is now nearing 5 months after the injury, and the sprainagerfoot.jpg is obviously long gone, but I am still getting sharp twingy pains on the inside (seems to be bone), if my ankle is in just the right position, with just the right pressure. In the mornings especially, it is extra stiff, and I have to limp for a while until it warms up. So I finally went back to the doctor to get an X-ray. The doc (different doc) agreed that I needed an X-ray, said the X-ray would probably not reveal anything, and she would refer me to a podiatrist. The cool thing is, the best way to deliver my X-rays to the podiatrist is for them to burn me a CDROM, and I can bring it with me.

So what do you think?

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  1. I sprained my ankle in Football senior year in high school and it took a good 9 months before I was completely back to normal. They said it was a 3rd degree sprain and that I would have been better off breaking it. I feel your pain just keep moving and don’t let it stiffin up on you.

  2. I think you should make a copy of the CD first! :)

  3. Does that little sign mean “Reuben is rated PG”? How’d you duck under a PG-13 rating?

    Somehow your foot doesn’t look as wide in x-ray as it does in person …

  4. Are you sure those aren’t Fred Flinstone or Barney Rubbles X Ray’s?

  5. Looks to me like your parents should have bought you wider shoes when you were a wee lad.

  6. So the Doc called last night, and she said she could actually see that my bones were fine (not cracked), but my ligaments were still damaged, and they had some bone fragments in them (not sure how that works). Maybe the fragments are the two little bumps at the bottom center of that X-ray. Or maybe they appear in one of the 5 other X-rays. I don’t know from ligaments!

    She referred me to a podiatrist (Dr. Quinn, Foot Man), and said she’s pretty sure he’ll have me not run (play ultimate) for a while and wear a “Mac boot”? Velcro cast, I guess, stiffer than the lace-up canvas brace I wear only for ultimate.

  7. Oh boy. That sucks. What do they call Zimmerframes over here?

  8. asphinctersayswhat?

  9. Aha! We call them walkers

  10. Somehow your foot doesn’t look as wide in x-ray as it does in person …

    You’re one to talk about feet, Mr. Footfister?

  11. So the podiatrist said that I have bone chips in some ankle ligaments around the top, outside, right area of my ankle, and wants to do an MRI (because the X-Ray can only reveal the bone chips, not the condition of the ligament itself). The appointment was way back on 9/29, and I still haven’t heard about an MRI appointment (podiatrist’s office was supposed to authorize with HMO and call me back).

    The pain on the bottom of my foot he diagnosed as Plantar Fasciitis, which I believe is Latin for “Fat Guy with Flat Feet”. But the treatment plan is just orthotics for the Fasciitis, and a little physical therapy for recovery (barring any unlikely problems revealed by the MRI).

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