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Unless you have never been here before, you undoubtedly noticed that I have changed to a new theme, called PressRow (currently trying out Pool (now back to my original original theme, Regulus (now settled on what everybody seems to be happy with, Andreas09))).

I like the clean look, but I really wish WordPress made available a theme this clean that had a three-column layout. For $15/year (‘s first (and so far only) paid upgrade option), I could have full CSS control, and could probably make it happen, but first I would have to learn CSS.

One advantage of this theme, over my old theme (Andreas04) is that it offers public permalinks for individual comments. So if you are the type of guy who makes lots of comments, and wants to reference other comments, you can now find the exact URL to an individual comment hiding behind that comment’s date (for instance August 31, 2006).

However, the best advantage of this theme is custom header images. Apart from being generally mesmerizing, this image above is special to me. It is a picture of ice on the Moscow River, taken when I was visiting my sister, who studied for a semester in Russia. The picture was taken off this bridge, near Christmas. On the southeast bank you can see the famous Gorky Park, where they have a miniature Eiffel Tower, and a prototype of the Soviet space shuttle (if you give up finding it in the previous link, try here). One day when Dacia was busy teaching, I wandered around in that park (despite the sidewalks flooded and frozen for skating), and watched a game of pickup hockey. It’s amazing to see it again, from warm, sunny Southern California.


25 Responses

  1. My two cents: I don’t like it. I miss the two columns you had before. And, I figured out how to find the comments to link to.

    Jeff :)

  2. I do miss the three columns, but I think the (lack-of) color scheme of this one is a vast improvement over the grey-blue-orange of the old one.

    Did you really use all three columns? I find that I use Recent Comments much more than recent posts, and even though I am somewhat OCD about trying to get a nice distribution of posts across the Calendar, I never really used it much.

    I also don’t like the way that, even with the browser maximized, this theme doesn’t take advantage of all the screen real estate. In the end, I might end up going back to my original theme, Regulus, which now also accepts custom header images. But is still two-column.

  3. And how did you figure out comment permalinks (beyond the 10 that appear in Recent Posts)?

  4. In the source, you’ll find tags like this:

    “li class=”alt” id=”comment-1541″”

    so you create a link to the url with the name of that link added to it.


  5. Good on ya! While I stick with this theme, it is probably easier to copy the permalink from behind the date, but it’s good to know about this back door just in case!

  6. Love the new theme. Much cleaner than the old one. I just wish the header image wasn’t quite so large — I like the photo, but it eats up a lot of real estate, with your first post appearing pretty low on the screen.

    Congrats on finally picking a theme! I never really considered that old one anything but a placeholder.

  7. Hey — the theme has changed again! I like this one even better. A bit heavy on the blue with your photo, but that’s okay. Still very clean and useable.

    What’s up with your hypocrite quote? The wordwrap looks silly. Not your fault — the right margin must be edged in pretty close.

  8. The hypocrite quote seems to have fixed itself.

    The real estate usage is more efficient, but the thought bubble (rectangle) quoting is kind of gay. And I agree, a little too blue. I really like the stark, clean whiteness of PressRow.

    If I were to pay for CSS, I’m sure it would be possible to change the size of the header image, and/or move the top matter (title, page links, search box) up inside the header image.

    I think I’ll leave this up in Pool for today, see what others think, and then ignore what others think to go back to PressRow.

    Or maybe even three-column SandBox, which has no header image at all (but I would upload the whole (not cropped) ice image to the inside of this post).

  9. Another bonus of both Pool and PressRow over Andreas04 is larger Avatars, so people won’t have to squint to see my minesweeper (or Forester’s foggy forest)

  10. My ignorance is showing here. But what is a “theme” in this context? Your main idea?? Enlighten me.

  11. No, exactly the opposite, so maybe “theme” is a bad name. It’s the visual theme. Without having to change the underlying content (words in the posts and comments, blogroll links, etc.), WordPress allows multiple front-end display/layout “themes”. Blogspot also allows you to select from a variety of themes, which is why you have orange and brown, and dad has parchment and script font.

  12. Don’t like it. It is not pleasing to look at and appears a little gay. Am I being too direct?

  13. I actually thought the last one had a color scheme that was somewhat darkishly grating, so a little gaiety is a plus, so count that as an aye vote.

    The ice photo I have always liked although with time it is taking on the connotation of, perhaps, a bridge jumper contemplating the eternal beyond.

  14. How impressive is this — you can rack up 14 comments on a post about nothing other than a new visual theme! Sheesh …

  15. The irony is that the post does contain interesting content, but except for one brief mention of the picture of ice, that part has gone ignored!

  16. Is your list of fellow bloggers gone? I used to use your site here as a launching pad for others.

  17. Oopx! It just got lost transitioning widgets from two sidebars to one. That’s why I want three-column, not just two-column. Waaaay too much crap for one sidebar.

    Any feedback on your perceived usability of sidebar elements in their current order is welcome.

  18. I miss the old theme so much that I try to get all my Rube blog reading done in one shot so I don’t have to look at this all that often! LOL :)

    It’s TOO BRIGHT.

  19. The theme changes just keep happening … and just keep getting better. BAH, I say to all you naysayers. Every single one of these changes has been a welcome alternative to that earlier gray/orange crud. Hooray!

    Maybe you should keep the new themes coming. How about alternating every few days? If nothing else, it’ll give the naysayers a regular bone to chew on …

  20. Now I’m trying Andreas09: more muted, three columns, a nice selection of colors, but alas — no header image!

  21. How ’bout this — stick with Andreas09 for now, then ask the fine folks at WordPress to change this theme into one that supports custom header images. I think they’ll get around to it eventually — they’re pretty good about that stuff.

  22. They did recently add custom header images to Pool, but that’s the only one I know of since the original roll-out a few months ago. And I would guess that their position would be “For just $15/yr, you can tweak the CSS of any theme you want to add your own custom header images, as well as pleny of other cool, funky stuff!” And I can’t say I’d blame them. I hope they make a lot of money from WordPress.

  23. Another trivially nice thing, the Avatars display larger than Andreas04, so now people can see that I’m a minesweeper, and you’re a forester, etc.

  24. Okay, I REALLY like the look of this one after a first 1 second glance! Nice!

  25. […] YOU can help decide which header to use.  I’ve got three options in mind; the first one (ice on the river Moscow), and two more very horizontal pictures from our recent family trip to Ireland (can you guess which […]

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