Obedience is better than…

So I spent this Saturday afternoon puttering around the garage with the boys, making a frame for one of #1’s birthday presents (name painted in animal letters from the zoo). Afterwards, #2 was having a ball cleaning up sawdust with our dustbuster-on-a-stick, but it got full, and wouldn’t pick up any more (not that he noticed). So I took him to the garbage can and showed him how full it was, and how to empty it. Once empty, I said “now you can suck up that pile of sawdust over there.” I walked over to the outlet to plug the vacuum back in, and #2 headed for the sawdust. From behind me I hear, “I don’t wike it”, and I turn to see #2 on his knees, with a face full of sawdust.

Note to self: 3-year-olds don’t necessarily know that “suck” is what vacuum cleaners do.


6 Responses

  1. That story is hilarious.

    One of the fun things about being a Dad with a 27-month-old is deciphering what the toddler is saying. Rachel started shouting, “Mooote, Da-da, moooote,” the other day, and it took me a while to figure out she was looking for the “remote” to get me to turn on the tv so she could watch “Little Einstein’s” on Tivo.

  2. When #1 was not much more than a year old, he started all the time sticking out his hand and saying “Mitchell, Mitchell”. We couldn’t figure out who this phantom Mitchell was he was trying to get us to look at, but finally we figured out he was mimicking us at church, when we would shake peoples hands and say “Good to Meetcha”

  3. Poor kid! So trusting …

  4. Speechlessly engulfed
    in transatlantic cuteness
    total pathos, dude

  5. Hey, I just noticed
    that limejelly’s comment there
    is in a haiku!

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