In and Out of Theonomy in 17 Easy Steps

This guy has been there and back again, and tells us how. How many tens of thousands of words on this blog could have been saved if only I had read this first?

On a related note, it appears that James Jordan went all the way through Theonomy and came out on the other (dark) side! From wikipedia, I don’t understand this paragraph:

A third type of Reconstructionist theonomy was followed by some writers associated with the Institute for Christian Economics in Tyler, Texas (which also published some of Bahnsen’s works). These writers, especially James Jordan, followed the mono-covenantalism of Rushdoony, but put an emphasis on the idea that, as there was only one covenant, and that covenant was given to the Church, and law was given within that covenant, law was given to the Church, and not to the world. The implication of this was soon understood to be that the writings of Moses were not a law code as such, and that theonomy was not a legitimate idea, nor was Christian Reconstruction which took theonomy as its moral foundation. Biblical law was still seen as important, but secondary to ecclesiastical concerns. Eventually a new theological movement, known as Federal Vision theology, emerged.

5 Responses

  1. James Jordan rocks.

    And you found why I like Rush’s Theonomy. Mono-covenantalism. That’s right. One God. One Covenant. Ours is not a God who “tries”.

  2. So why are you still a Theonomist? Or, how is James Jordan not a Theonomist?

  3. Oh, and the “Federal Vision” is not new, as you will find by reading the above cited article.

  4. I’m just quoting Wikipedia, man. Assuming you have better words, you are free to go edit them in.

  5. I didn’t realize there was such a strong connection between theonomy and the federal vision.

    Here’s a good critique of the Federal Vision and the like.

    By the way:

    Sermons on that site organized by church with their hyperlink, and it tells you what books they’ve preached on or topics or whatever. Good stuff!

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