Best Day Ever

Thanks guys, you all rock!

Best Day Ever

Tongue-tied closes on 100 comments, causing 2nd best day ever:

Second Best Day Ever

What is an Arminian? (and other recent similar posts) combine to rock the old Best Day Ever; previously 334, now 360.  Also crossed the 30K view mark.



20 Responses

  1. Note that you’ve also crossed the 20,000 hit mark! :-)

  2. Who is clicking through to you via my site? I only ever come to you via bloglines…

  3. Cool, but is that a UNIX screen capture? Yuck. Try a Mac. You can still have your Pearl, but with a much nicer GUI. ;)


  4. @LN: I’m sure I don’t know! I’d think your mom or Jenny is most likely to use your blog as their own personal blog-navigation system.

    @Jeff: Actually Snagit for Windoze. I was focused on the yellow highlighting, and I neglected to crop the bottom & right window frames. I’ll fix it eventually… In the meantime, make sure you are viewing full-size, because your browser might be trying to shrink the image, and the text will be all pixellated.

    Final tally for 10/27/2006 (GMT): 348 views.

  5. Hmmm…. pride…. ;-) This is a great place to grind, dude.

  6. I am getting to R through LN. That’s how I get to most sites, even my own :) Is there something wrong with this? What should I be learning that I don’t know?

  7. I get to many places via Blogorrhea. You’ll notice I don’t have any links at my bile dispenser.

  8. I get here through bloglines, particularly now that my own blog is kaput. Mom, I think it’s fine for you to get to whatever blogs through whatever means you want…

  9. What happened with the debate?

  10. It looks to me like everyone was criticizing each other’s indoctrination. Priceless, but eventually rather dull.

  11. OK, so I admit my ignorance. What is a blogline? And here I just learned about uploading images and thought I was done with all this knowledge acquisition :)

  12. @Albino: the debate hasn’t happened. Nov 11.

    @Barb: Bloglines, I believe is a website that will help you keep track of the various blogs you read. So instead of having to go to each blog to see if there’s anything new to read, you tell it which blogs you want to watch, and you can go to just one (bloglines) site, and it will tell you “Here’s all the new stuff since last time”. But certainly, you can read any blogs you want in any form you want!

  13. @Albino: You should make a special trip out here for the debate. There is still time to purchase a ticket! :)

  14. Jeff, I would LOVE too see the debate, but we our having an outreach in our parking lot that same weekend…dragging out all our chairs and instruments and grilling up free bbq for the neighborhood. I was convicted a few months ago by Jesus’ parable of the great banquet; the moral, of course, being “Invite that my house may be full.” So that’ what we’re doing…free bbq…free music…Gospel preaching under the Texas stars.

    And anyway, aren’t you on the wrong side of that debate?

  15. People loves them their Calvinism/Arminian debates — New Best Day ever @ 360 views!

  16. That’s because you cheated and put up a whole lot of extra threads. I can’t even keep up.



  17. And apparently nobody even read Santa the Arminian! I thought that one was pretty good!

  18. Another record breaking day! 400 views on 1/25, thanks to Sanctity of Life Sunday. Apparently abortion is the hottest topic of all!

  19. But it was abortion with a slight theonomic bent to it.

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