Walking & Talking

Just a quick note by way of a kid press-release, since Blogorrhea has been extremely non-logorrheic of late (after the post-debate round three with Theonomy, I’m just kind of tired of blogging).

Anyways, from bottom up, #3 is (and has been for at least a month) on the verge of walking. We can coax him to take 4-5 steps to walk between us as a kind of game, and he can stand up for apparently indefinite durations, but he just isn’t interested in walking to get places. So closing on 13mo, this makes him the latest walker of the three. Which is OK.

He also seems on the verge of talking. I think he’s the biggest babbler of them all; sometimes I wonder if he thinks he can talk. But no actual words yet. Occasionally he’ll parrot “uh-oh” when something falls down. But mostly he does a little baby impression of Tim Allen’s Home Improvement man-grunt. I can’t even begin to spell it. But he’s always asking a question, with his eyebrows way up, and his mouth shaped like he’s going to say “What!”

And he finally has two bottom teeth. But a dentist friend from church guarantees that the later teeth come, the better they are.

Not too much going on with #2. We are now sitting out in “big church” all the time, so he has learned better how to sit still. We’ve got about a year to keep working on this, until we’re back in the Toddler Gulag when #3 ‘graduates’ from nursery. Oh yeah, we got #2 a scooter for his birthday, and he enjoys riding that around the block. It’s kind of sad, though — I can’t think of that much to write about him! Only 3 years old, and already a middle child!

#1 is cruising along in school. Apparently kindergarten is the year of Egypt, and 1st grade is the year of Greece. He’s been sucking down Greek mythology like nobody’s business! Watching Jim Henson’s The Storyteller the other day, when Perseus used the head of Medusa to turn tired old Atlas into stone, so he wouldn’t have to hold up the sky anymore. Atlas morphed into a mountain range, and #1 said “Ah, the mountains are holding up the sky — that’s a good myth!”

#1 is also loving being a cadet. He got his first badge (Modeling — for assembling a model of an A-10 Warthog), and he should be able to receive the Archery badge in time for field day this Saturday. If you don’t know what field day is, it’s pretty much better than Pinocchio’s Pleasure Island, with Archery and Marksmanship for those with badges, and everything else open to all: firebuilding, nail-driving, knot-tying, tripod-lashing, compass-reading, bait-casting, footraces, softball throws, etc. And camping out with dad the night before. It’s gonna be fun!


8 Responses

  1. Cool updates, great to hear what your kids are up to!

  2. I’ve been waiting for these for a looong time. Thanks! I’m still trying to get Amazon.com to send you the Swallows and Amazon books (three of the 12), but they seem unable to do so. Once the crazy semester is over, I will chase them down….Love to you all.

  3. All right Barb, let’s cut the charade. We know you’re holding those books hostage for the photo prints we’ve been promising to send you since August. Here’s how much progress I’ve made on that front: in a moment of weakness, T once said to me “Oh, I can get those printed”, so now it’s 100% her fault.

  4. We’d love the pictures, but I swear amazon is doing weird things about these books. Someone suggested that I try powell.com….when the semester is over. I’m hanging on, but just barely.

  5. Is #1 still “playing” candy land? That was sweet – he clearly just wanted someone to sit with him for a while, and had nailed the technique!

  6. Not sure where you read “Candyland” into this post — I guess you’re just asking a question. But for an update an #1’s game-play since you were here, check this out!

  7. Oops, meant #3. The eyebrows reference reminded me of the constant pleading :-

  8. […] Walking & Talking […]

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