As I mentioned a few days ago, #3 has been on the verge of walking for quite some time.  Well he has officially crossed that threshold now!  He can clear a room, and will voluntarily walk now, sometimes even standing up to walk (versus pulling himself up on the couch and going for a walk).

In other news, this weekend was Field Day, #1’s first chance to go camp out and run around like a banshee with hundreds of other boys.  Well, he really didn’t run around as much as I expected.  After my admonitions about timeliness, he did his requisite six events in 90 minutes, and after that didn’t do any more for the rest of the morning.  Regardless, he had a great time, and coming back home Saturday night to a walking #3, it was like having a whole new baby!


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  1. That’s so cool about #3. I’m watching another kid learn to walk, and it amazes me how quickly the transformation occurs. In just two or three days suddenly they’re wobbling all over the place, and by the end of the week they’re proficient — and gloriously independent.

    Looking back, my wife and I think it was this independence, this increased ability to exercise his curiosity, that flipped our own son from being a cranky fusspot to an adorable charmer. He just needed his wings.

  2. Thanks for sharing :) He’ll walk right into the Christmas tree :)

  3. Just noticed this post has one of my favorite words in it. It’s probably the only noun that is singular and when you remove the ending ‘s’ it becomes a plural noun.

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