A Whale of a Time

Turns out, this year I dropped the fatherly ball, and did not take one single picture with my camera on Christmas day (all is not lost, grandparents were active). However, I realized that I did have an unusual number of Christmas-epoch pictures that met Blogorrhea’s anonymity policy (for other examples, see this’n, that’n, t’other’n).

FirstKnight Fight offSir Zebra, one of #2’s Christmas presents was a suit of armor like #1 had gotten for his birthday a few months ago. Here are the two of them in action, with dark knight #1 delivering a death blow. Another great pastime for #1 and #2 is to attempt to dress up #3 in the armor. Usually #3 can only tolerate the sword, but this time they got him to wear the helmet. Then he mounted his trusty steed…

Today, we went out on a Whale-Watching cruise. Every winter, California Gray Whales migrate from Alaska to Baja California, and since my family moved to San Diego almost 30 years ago, I have never been out to see them. Well, one pint of my lifeblood earned me a voucher for a free trip (except for a $5 fuel surcharge), so we packed up the family and went out to see the whales! Unfortunately, yesterday we had a small storm with large wind, so the seas were very rough. The boys didn’t mind, but T-bird & I were quite green. Near the end of our two hours of wandering roller-coaster seas, the pilot finally sighted a lone whale. Eventually, we caught up to it, and I was just able to snap these two pictures of a spout and a tail.

Whale SpoutWhale Tail

We saw a little more than just those pics, but not much. However, I also got some cute snaps of the boyz looking over the back:

Three over the backPole Hole

Actually, some of the best wildlife we saw was while we pulled into the slip at the end of the voyage! Here’s a sea lion that was close enough to the boat for me to spit on (no, I didn’t (and I missed a great shot of the sea lion tussling with a seal)), and a pretty white shorebird.

Sea LionBirds are Pretty


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