If you hadn’t noticed, I’ve been a wee bit absent. A grad school friend of T & me invited us to her wedding in Ireland, so we decided to turn it into a family vacation. We took #1 and #2 along, and grandmothers graciously watched after #3 for us. After a horrendous airline ordeal (involving gracious emergency hosting by an old friend, a switch of airlines, a one-way rental car from Philly to JFK, and loss of an entire day), we finally arrived at Shannon airport (still a few hours ahead of our bags, which the groom graciously retrieved from the airport for us later that day).

While in Ireland, we saw the Cliffs of Moher (AKA the Cliffs of Insanity), the Burren (and the Poulnabrone Dolmen), the Ennis Friary, the Craggaunowen Project, Bunratty Castle & Folk Park, The Hunt Museum in Limerick, and the Lios Grange stone circle in Lough Gur. Not to mention the point of the whole trip, which was a Catholic Wedding on Saturday, and we also found an Anglican church to attend on Sunday.

But now we’re back home, and life is returning to normal. (Note: each picture below can be clicked if you want to see it bigger, but then you can click it again to see it even bigger)

Cliffs of MoherThe BurrenPoulnabrone DolmenEnnis Friary

Crannog at CraggaunowenBunratty CastleHunt Museum, LimerickStone Circle in Lough Gur

Panorama of Ireland


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  1. How very special!! Did # 1 appreciate the fact that he was almost “home” to his birthplace? So glad you could have this trip. And while you were gone, we bought our retirement home in Grand Rapids….:) (not moving until next May after another school year and selling our house).

  2. #1 was aware that we were in the “neighborhood” (globally speaking) of his birthplace. He told a number of people where he was born (although come to think of it, that’s not so unusual)

    Across the courtyard of the lovely townhome we were staying in, he met an 8-year-old girl. His assessment was that “I don’t know if she was born in Ireland, but she has been living here long enough to learn the Irish accent!”

  3. How was security at the airports? Do they like Americans in Ireland? Did you argue politics with anybody?

  4. Nothing remarkable in terms of airport security, and no political discussions to report — sorry!

  5. UPDATE: Added a panorama that Mom stitched together for me — thanks Mom!

  6. BTW, you took a stereo pair coming that is one of the best I’ve seen that Big-D tweaked and put together too.

  7. I’m glad it worked out. When I get it, I’ll post that pair up here as well, for the benefit of those who can cross their eyes and see stereo.

  8. Can you post a link to the software that Deb used to stitch the panorama? My wife might want to use it to produce a nice shot of my backside.

  9. Thx for the mental picture ‘bino. I don’t know what she used, so hopefully she can drop a comment with some info. While researching this myself recently, I came across hugin, which looks pretty good, but I haven’t given it a try myself yet.

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