Hoagies & Stogies: Ordination of Women

Sat. 8/18, 5pm– is the date of the next exciting Hoagies & Stogies theological debate (& men’s fellowship) — on the topic of Ordination of Women! Pastor Brian Tallman will be facing off against his former seminary professor, published author on the subject, Dr. Glen Scorgie.

The event will take place at Brian’s home (click for address, map, and directions). The usual boilerplate:

  • Hoagies & Stogies is a fellowship for men. Please don’t bring any female-type people.
  • As is customary, dinner (Hoagies, etc.) will be provided, as well as beer. The low, low cost is $5 per man.
  • Bring your own Stogies, pipes, or other smoking materials.
  • All smoking (and debating) will be outside, so also bring your own lawn chairs (and jackets).
  • Affirmative RSVPs (at evite.com, or here) are mandatory (negative RSVPs optional), to ensure sufficient food. I will accept RSVPs all the way up to the day of, so never feel that it is too late to get in on the action!

Amazon.com: The Journey Back to Eden: Restoring the Creator's Design for Women and Men: Books: Glen G. ScorgieDr. Scorgie is the author of The Journey Back to Eden: Restoring the Creator’s Design for Women and Men, and Amazon.com: Evangelical Feminism: A New Path to Liberalism?: Books: Wayne Grudemhe has graciously provided the entire first chapter for any who are interested in some background on his position (click here). If you are interested in reading about the other side, Pastor Tallman has recently cited from the pulpit Wayne Grudem’s Evangelical Feminism: A New Path to Liberalism? (and chapters 1-2 are available online from the publisher). If you want to buy either of these books (or indeed any Christian books), I recommend you support Evangelical Bible Bookstore or the WSCAL Bookstore.


16 Responses

  1. As moderator of the debate, I will refrain from discussion of the relative merits of Dr. Scorgie’s work (or Grudem’s linked work), until after the debate. Any commenters should please also wait, or host substantive discussions on their own blogs.

    This comment thread is reserved for RSVPs, logistical questions, etc.

  2. UPDATE: Due to possible data corruption, I have removed Dr. Scorgie’s text from this post, but you can still read it in Word Document format, by clicking here. Sorry for any inconvenience!

  3. hey, rube.

    i received an email from a woman at our calvin church. she said bob settergren wanted to meet me finally and that she was going to introduce us. but we missed paths last sunday.

    isn’t he your grandfather? and doesn’t he have his own blog?


  4. Indeed, g’pas blog is here.

  5. thanks.

    i skated his blog a bit and snickered at bruce’s back and forth with ‘barbara’ over trans’ism. i having similar exchanges on another blog. bless poor transformers’ little hearts.

    in case bruce or barbara are lurking here, rest assured i settled it over at bob’s blog: bruce is right, barbara is wrong.


  6. I know my dad has been trying to hook up with you at Calvin for some time now. At least from his blog you now know what he looks like.

  7. The debate sounds interesting but the hoagies and stogies and beer to boot sounds even better.


  8. This quote may spur the debate on:

    Samuel Johnson — “A woman preacher is like a dog walking on his its hind legs. Although not done very well, it is surprising to see it done at all.”

    Also, since the ordination of women is being discussed, wouldn’t it be logical to invite at least some representation of women to the debate?

  9. Not unless Scorgie “wins” the debate…

    But seriously, it will be recorded, and I encourage all people of all genders to watch this space to be able to download it.

  10. I read the introductory chapter of your debator’s book, and particularly from the introductory portions, wonder how he could agree to debate in a format that is so obviously chauvinistic. If I were he, I would debate only if it could in a coed setting. He is going to need a lot of support.

    Next, I suppose your comenters are aware that not all ice is supported by water. When the ice on land masses melts it finds its way to the oceans and then it is time to evacuate NYC.

  11. a format that is so obviously chauvinistic.

    Your comment begs the question, assuming that (a) Scorgie is in the right, and (b) Scorgie being in the right means that there should not be men-only theological debate fellowships. I guess next you would have us disband our W.O.C. as well?

  12. May the best man, ‘er, woman, win this evening.

  13. We’re looking for our debate mp3 babeeeee!

  14. Sorry man — the mp3 recorder is not mine. I brought it home, but my computer doesn’t have drivers for it, and I can’t find them anywhere free on the web, so for now the audio is trapped in the device. Or I could give you a call and hold it up to the phone and press play. I’m bringing it back to the owner at church tonight, and will hopefully be able to get the guy to send me the stuff toot-sweet.

    It was very good, though, a lot of positive feedback. Since Brian and Glen are old friends from Brian’s seminary days, and Glen is a super super nice guy, it was a very civil and comfortable discussion, even though their theological differences were quite stark.

  15. civil? comfortable? what???? I wanted a SMACKDOWN!!!

    Ok, I will patiently wait to hear if our women can preach.

  16. I need me some debate mp3s!!! Feed the fat man!

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