Paedo/Credo Debate

If you like theological debate enough to attend two in one weekend, or if you can’t make this one, or if you just really like to drive a lot, you might be interested in trekking up to Murrieta on Sunday night, Aug. 19, to hear Hoagies & Stogies veteran Gene Cook (Theonomy, Amil/Postmil) argue credobaptism against Paul Manata’s paedobaptism.

Gene’s been pumping the upcomping debate pretty hard on his Narrow Mind webcast/podcast. You can hear a “UFC-style” promo Gene & Paul made, which is pretty funny (direct link to .mp3), or if you listen to the Jul 13 show starting at about 20 minutes in, you can hear Paul call in and spoof as hyper-credo pastor “Jack Hammer” with some advice for Gene.


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