New Look

How do you like the new look? WordPress recently came out with a new three-column theme that is nice and clean, so I switched. However, the transformation is not yet complete: I still need to choose a header image. YOU can help decide which header to use. I’ve got three options in mind; the first one (ice on the river Moscow) is up right now, and I’m thinking of two more very horizontal pictures from our recent family trip to Ireland (can you guess which ones?)

I’ll leave the ice up there for a week, drop some comments if you like it (or don’t). Keep checking back, and when you see the picture change, drop a comment to tell me what you think!

(I also shuffled the sidebar widgets around a little bit — if you are missing a functionality you are used to using, let me know)


21 Responses

  1. Is that Moscow Idaho? Might not want to go there…. ;-)

  2. No, that was the real, original Moskva. Although maybe about the same prevalence of Eastern “Orthodox” unorthodoxy…

  3. Looks cool Rube!

    I nominate a different image, though:

    How about a picture of Albino?


  4. I need a picture that is wider than it is tall — ‘bino is not quite there yet.

  5. I like the new look, but I don’t at all like the ice in Moscow. There is a coldness and deadness to it, dare I say, a foreboding. it is very sobering.

    Now this picture, however:

    is full of life and hope and green and vitality. It cheers the heart, is warm and inviting. It makes one feel as if they are on vacation in an ancient land, somehow connecting to our ancestors of old, treading paths they tread long ago.

    As ours is an ancient faith of love and life in Christ, I earnestly hereby lobby for the Ireland picture above.

  6. Blue Ice, for personal reasons.

  7. I’m down with the ice.

  8. I nominate the “Don’t taze me, bro” bumper sticker.

  9. I like Irish pic of the boys running on the rocks at the Burren. It’s both a barren wasteland and energetic with life. Plus, I’m fond of the subjects.

  10. My very first response when I pulled up your site today was: “Ooh, He changed it! Wow, I like that!”

    So, I vote for the ice and for keeping this really neato theme.


  11. I am a new visitor~nice blog! Very interesting! (((((HUGS))))) sandi

  12. I jumped on to this thread and started reading the comments backwards (does anybody else do that?). I was thinking of all the other interesting photos you could use up top but I have to agree with Deborah, the ice, for personal reasons.

    Not as personal but it still means something me.

  13. It looks like Ice on the River Moscow has already won the popular vote (and it’s my personal choice as well), but I said I would, so here now is the Ireland Panorama for a little while. T correctly guessed the other horizontal Ireland picture. Next I will give the boys running across the Burren an extreme crop and try that for a while. I think when you see it, some of you might change your minds…

  14. Great look! Fighting jealousy.

  15. Contestant #3 is now posted. I really like the picture, but can’t shake the impression that the boys should be running in the other direction (we’re not Hebrew after all) — especially since they are heading straight for “BLOGORRHEA”! AAAH — Run away!

  16. It gives the impression that your blog is a bunch of little boys playing. Hmmm…

  17. Now that you mention it, it has been a very long time before any individuals of the female persuasion joined the game (the few comments in this thread are the exception that prove the rule!)

  18. I like this photo also. However, the headroom (above #1’s head) is too tight. Is there another crop that could fix that? You know, shave some off the bottom and allow for more room at the top?

  19. Well, that’s kind of a problem. Apart from the boys, the primary feature of the photo is the craggy limestone, so I was trying to show rock rather than gray sky. And I was trying to avoid the cardinal rule of composition: Never have a horizon going across the exact middle of the image. So pushing upwards crowded #1’s head. I didn’t think it looked to crowded, though. I was even thinking about cropping both boys at the knees or waist, so you can still see the dynamic of running, but you get more cool-looking rock

  20. Is that better? (Run, #2 Run! The Blogorrhea is just about to get you!)

  21. I’ve gotten accustomed to the boys running on the Burren — I think I’ll leave it like this a good long while before I rotate it to the ice for a while…

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