Hat Trick

Good news on the soccer front: this weekend, #1 and #2 had eponymous goal totals, earning a combined hat trick, and half of their two teams’ total output on the day. The banner day had firsts in many categories:

  • First goal(s) ever for #2
  • First goal of the season for #1
  • First goal of the season for #1’s team! :-(

The only bad news was, despite 2 goals, #1’s “Golden Dragons” were plowed under by “Team Germany’s” 8, moving to 0-7-0 on the season.

In other news, #3 has somewhere picked up the habit of saying “Yaaaaaah”. He sounds like an extra from Fargo. He’s becoming a real trooper sitting through church though. He’s not even two yet (the earliest we’ve tried to bring out of the nursery), and it’s looking like we won’t even need to imprison ourselves “behind the glass” in the Toddler Gulag.

#2 is getting better and better at drawing capital letters. Lately, he always wants to “write a paragraph” like his big brother, which really means choosing a word, and asking you to spell it so he can write the letters down.

Amazon.com: Carcassonne Game: Toys & GamesAmazon.com: ScienceWiz Inventions Experiment Kit and Book 13 Experiments, Inventions: Toys & GamesAmazon.com: Leatherman 64010103H Silver Micra: Home ImprovementAnd #1 was over the moon with his “best birthday ever”, getting his first ever pocket-knife (put away when not in use as if it were a gun), an aluminum baseball bat, a kit of really cool electricity projects (we’ve already made the spinning motor), a really cool boardgame we’ve been playing a lot and too many other great gifts to mention.

4 Responses

  1. Ooh, I love Carcassonne! Have fun with it!

  2. We do! The game also came with the Traders & Builders extension, which we haven’t tried yet.

  3. There is no greater present in a young man’s life than his first pocket knife.

    Excellent choice.

    How old is he?

    I think I was 14 when I got my first switch blade in TJ.

    There is no greater punishment in a young man’s life than his first time being caught buying illicit contraband while on a missions trip in Tijuana.

  4. first time being caught

    How bad was the punishment for your second offense?

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