Attention Frank Valenti

Thanks to my cuzzin, I have discovered the best web comic ever! (Or who knows, maybe it’s run of the mill; I only have Dr. Fun to compare it to.) Anyways, I loved this one (click through to the original at xkcd if this is too small for you to read):

The fifth panel also applies to postmodernists

Don’t miss the mouse-over text: “The fifth panel also applies to postmodernists.” I’d say it also applies to Federal Visionistas.


7 Responses

  1. Mostly I love xkcd because of geeky gems I can totally relate to, like this one

  2. xkcd is indeed one of the best webcomics ever; too bad it’s only updated three times a week (but at least it actually updates according to its stated schedule, which is more than I can say for a lot of other webcomics).

    As a systems admin I really get into “geeky gems” like this and this, but it’s all awesome.

    Also, don’t forget to hover your mouse over the xkcd images… the <img title> is sometimes the best part of the comic!

    By the way, this is Brad from church; I think this may be the first comment I’ve made on your blog, so my “nom de ‘Net” might not be familiar to you yet… :)

  3. Hiya Brad — I bet you found this blog via (like I discovered yours, but haven’t dropped any comments yet — you win the serendipitous connection award!)

    Those two are also great; I had read 149 and loved it already, it will take me a few more weeks of occasional browsing to get up-to-date though!

  4. I actually bought the T-shirt of 149… it just came in the mail today. I think I’ll be the hit of the next Linux User Group meeting!

  5. Awesome!

    This one is so me…

  6. I had the idea to try this way back in grad school; now I won’t be able to try it until retirement…

  7. That’s great. Love it.

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