What is a covenant?

An agreement between two or more persons.

What covenant did Daddy make with the family?

The Covenant of Disneyland.

What was the family bound to do in the Covenant of Disneyland?

To memorize and recite catechism questions perfectly.

How many questions were #1, Mommy, and Daddy bound to memorize?


How many questions was #2 bound to memorize?


How many questions was #3 bound to memorize?


By when must the catechism questions be perfectly recited?

By the end of the year.

What did Daddy promise in the Covenant of Disneyland?

To reward the family with a trip to Disneyland if they recited their catechism perfectly.

What did Daddy threaten in the Covenant of Disneyland?

To punish the family by withholding a trip to Disneyland if they did not memorize their catechism.

Did each act for himself alone in the Covenant of Disneyland?

No; if one fails, the whole family fails.

Did the family keep the Covenant of Disneyland?


When is the family going to Disneyland?

Not exactly sure, hopefully by early February…


7 Responses

  1. Clever post — a fun read!

  2. It’s too bad your whole family recited it all perfectly. It would have been great if your kids had messed up and failed, and if you would have said that the trip to Disneyland was off for like 2 weeks. And then, suddenly, you had a family meeting, and announced that you, their father and covenant head, had recited the catechism perfectly, and that that was enough for the whole family, and then you all would have gone to Disneyland together.

    That would have been cool.

  3. Enjoy, enjoy. Our 3-year-old Andrew knows Q&A 1 – 29, but he was tooo busy playing to answer many of them for us. However, he did sit and listen to Adam and Eve through Samuel in the Jesus Story Bible yesterday while his brother and sister were napping. BTW, does this make it a three-covenant model?? :)

  4. It’s an interesting thought, Echo, but I don’t think it works. I cannot be their covenant head the same way that Christ was. Fundamentally, I think a family is a covenant of works. Even though I love my kids, they are required to obey me, they receive punishment for their disobedience, and while I am gracious for a time (at least 18 years), there is a very real possibility that, if they are disobedient enough for long enough, I would have to kick them off my land.

    Besides, the way it would really work in your scenario is that my first-begotten son would be responsible for memorizing them all perfectly. (He does it best anyways) And wouldn’t I have to leave him at home, in punishment for everybody else’s failures? (And then when we get to Disneyland, he’s somehow waiting there to receive us? All analogies break down somewhere…)

  5. My thought is that if your kids don’t perform, the trip to Disneyland is canceled. If the parents don’t perform, you have to take ’em twice.

  6. Well God did accept the punishment part of the covenant…

  7. […] families reward all the family with a special holiday afterward. The Blogorrhea site describes how one father planned a trip to Disneyland if he and his wife and his children successfully memorised p….  Everyone had to participate and everyone had to do it well. Otherwise, the holiday was off. He […]

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