I don’t know how much better a day can start; Daily Confession is now available in German, as Täglich bekennen! Thank you, whoever you are — you’ve made my day!

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  1. Ooh… a way to brush up on my Deutsch and read the confessions all at once!

    Of course, the reason I originally studied German was when I thought I was headed to grad school in Music Theory and I wanted to be able to read theorists’ writings in the original language. Not much need for that now, but I still like the language… if there were a reason to speak it here in San Diego, I might have been fluent by now. As it is, I only get to practice with my aunt (who was born in Germany) at family gatherings.

  2. Details emerge; Sebastian Heck had the idea, Matthias Mangold did the work; if you know German, you can read more here…

  3. Well, I certainly don’t know German … but then again, I don’t need to. Google does:

    Daily Confession is a new site where it in small bites (from about 5 minutes per day) within a year by the major Reformed confessional writings can read. These are: the Heidelberg Catechism, the Dutch commitment (Confessio Belgica), the teaching rule Dordrecht, and the Westminster Confession, together with the KLeinen and the Great catechism.

    Particularly appealing is this service of course, when you here the newsfeed and in an RSS reader reads daily. (Perhaps after reading the Bible? That would be a good practice, which gives expression to the fact that we are not the first Christians who read their Bible…!)

    PS The service is unfortunately – like so much – so far only in English. Who can something ‘views on German?

    As for me, I’ve always found the original languages of the confessions to be a bit stultifying. So I’ll be following Daily Confession through Google’s retranslation from German back into English!

  4. Hilarious (especially if you read it with a Colonel Clink accent)! However, that doesn’t help me understand the word “Paralipomenon“, or why God is called “simple“! Those crazy Belgics!

  5. Yay! My 3 semesters of German from grad school (plus 10 years of neglect) are enough for me to totally be able to understand today’s Children’s Catechism in German!

  6. 2 semesters of undergrad German plus 5 years of neglect got me there too… I had nearly given up understanding the German version without looking to the English in parallel, but the children’s one was right at my level!

  7. […] wants to set up a ‘rival’ service, they are free to do so, and I would welcome it (and have once before!) Perhaps one or more churches would like to publish these daily readings from their own church […]

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