A new addition today; hall-of-fame commenter and good friend Kazooless has created a new WordPress blog! No posts yet at The Reformed Standard, but for his “About” page, he has carried forward the “Where I Stand” meme.

Just one question for Kazooless; his blog’s URL says “theonomist”. Just what is an “Onomist” anyways?  And whatever it is, isn’t a little arrogant to call yourself “The Onomist”?


12 Responses

  1. It’s funnier in the WP editor, when “The Onomist” is all on the same line.

  2. LOL!!

    That’s funny. Thanks for ‘outing’ me. I changed the viewable login name to take a little less heat and yet not totally give up the orignal name I picked out.

    Anyway, if you don’t know what an ‘onomist’ is, then maybe I AM the ONLY one…



  3. I thought you’d enjoy that…

  4. And now that you’re a WP user, you need to upload an avatar, so when people see you in the Recent Comments list (or in the comment threads of your blog’s theme), they’ll see a visual reminder that you’re you. And they won’t think you’re a clueless technophobe.

  5. And whatever it is, isn’t a little arrogant to call yourself “The Onomist”?

    I plead the fifth.

  6. I’m confused. Or maybe you’re confused. I hope you didn’t think I said “The Onanist”!

  7. Ha! Funny. :-)

    No, I was referring to my screen name.

    Now that we’re at it, though, you might explain why your screen name advertises rubbers. Your avatar really is too suggestive.

  8. Hey now, it’s a “family” blog!

    Now I get it; you are “The” Forester. Reminds me of Dmitri Shostakovich’s favorite sarcastic pet name for Stalin: “The Great Gardener” (that link doesn’t really explain it, but it was a title the arrogant dictator assumed for himself, so for DSCH it was a way to submissively ridicule him)

  9. ” Just what is an “Onomist” anyways? And whatever it is, isn’t a little arrogant to call yourself “The Onomist”?”

    Sounds like something my son asked me once. During family devotions we were reading on the law in an exposition of the shorter catechism. The book had a section from Romans. Paul had mentioned that he learned what is was to covet from the law. The book mentioned Paul and “covet” a few times in that section.

    When we were done, my son asked, “What did he cov?”

    He heard, “Cov … it” What is the “it” that Paul “coved,” that is.

    We obviously had a good laugh for quite some time.

  10. Funny! Our #1 thought that a couple named “Dave & Rachel” included a guy named “Daven”

  11. Nice!

  12. And there’s always this gem

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