Church History

Ever wanted to learn about church history?  A new series is starting up at Standing Solus Christus; get in on the ground floor!

I’m considering trying to organize a Sunday School class called “History of Heresy”, covering the Jerusalem council, Catholic councils from Nicea–>Trent, capped off with Dordt.  At this link, you can find summaries and full (English) texts from all of the catholic councils.

If audio is more your style, here is a 47-part series on the Reformation in the British Isles (my special favorite is #5 on the 1st to the 15th centuries) [HT: kazooless], or here you can find lectures about Augustine.

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  1. Auburn Avenue Media also has a monthly podcast on Church history entitled, “So Great A Salvation: The History of God’s People in the World”. I have been listening to them and they are quite edifying. One thing that strikes me is the charity with which Wilkins addresses our forefathers in the faith, even when, in his estimation, they were wrong on numerous points.

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