This is the coolest idea I’ve seen on the web in quite a while (thanks to Larry). With a free account at, they give you HTML you can embed in a text widget on your sidebar. Every time somebody views your page, their browser fetches the thumbnail of your world map from When clustrmaps serves the thumbnail out, they also grab an IP address, and look up its location. (Can you find yourself?) Every night, an updated clustrmap is generated with that reflects the additional visits of the previous day. Here is the full-sized map generated before Young (Earth) Creationist (depicting a total of 111 views from 4/2/08 to 4/8/08):

Blogorrhea visits from 4/2/8 to 4/7/8

And here is the update after (total views more than doubled, to 259):

Visitors from 4/2/08 to 4/8/08

Looks like creation is big in the Midwest and Europe, while I also doubled my Australian readership, and picked up my first in Korea.  (Hello out there!)

For a bit of fun, since I can’t decide whether it would be cooler for clustrmaps to clear out my stats every month, or every year, I’ll let you decide! Voting closes 4/30, so stats can be reset before May (or not)!

13 Responses

  1. What I liked best about my Muslim-Christian dialogue website, while it was still active, was seeing my Muslim world readership represented by red dots. It made paying for the website feel like a ministry even though during the last year, no one bought a copy of the text. Ellen is going to help me reinvent the website (which I lost through misunderstanding how renewing domain names works) when we get a chance. I’d say keep your red dots for at least a year.

  2. This is really, really cool. I just added it to my website and found that people read me from sea to shining sea. Brilliant!

  3. Of the three clustrmaps I know, none has a single hit in China or Russia. China I’m not surprised about, as my site might not even be visible in their extremely censored version of the interwebs. But Russia? I wonder which of us will get a Russian (or Chinese?) hit first!

  4. Also, ‘bino, the race is on to get to the first 100+ dot (the first truly round-looking dot, not diamond-looking)! With my Creation series underway, I will bury you!

  5. Rube,

    I’m the (silent) dot near Atlanta. I’ve enjoyed reading the Creation stuff.. but, when are you going to get back to thumping Albino about his Arminianism? ;)

    As for China> and Russia, at least you’re showing up in Google for those nations… though I would guess there is additional censoring taking place between and the random Chinese dude surfing the web.


  6. “With my Creation series underway, I will bury you!”

    Nikita Kruzchev lives on.

  7. But apparently, he’s not reading Blogorrhea.

  8. I’ll take that challenge, Ruberad! And maybe this broadside of legalism will help rocket me up there!

  9. Dude, I’ve got a hit from Russia! What do I win? Or did you mean a 100+ dot? Bcos I got one of those in San Diego a few days ago (thx Dad, I’m sure!)

  10. Check my map again. I am spreading quickly all over the world…you better call all your missionary friends and catch up.

  11. You still don’t have any 100+ circles — was that just a trick to make me go reload your page and give you another map hit?!

  12. I think all the Reformed missionaries around the world should come over to my page and get angry about my theologicial positions; angry enough to load and reload!

  13. Now that I’m back from vacation, I can see that my second 100+ circle is (strangely) in New England. I also have hits in China now.

    (Albino has three 100+ circles, as well as activity in China, but nothing yet in Russia)

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